What Book Has Made You a Better Person?

I think reading in general makes you a better, more rounded person. With that said, I would have to say that Twilight is the book I have to go with. The reason? Because this book is what got me reading daily again - something I hadn't done since grade school. We had to bring home these book logs and fill them up each month, then bring them back for little prizes or certificates.

With all of the chaos that surrounded Twilight, I finally gave in after a few friends had read it and thought to myself "What on earth is the big deal surrounding a silly vampire series?". As soon as I began to read, I knew. It book reeled me in instantly and I've been reading almost daily ever since I started it.

I find reading to be very soothing and calming. Each day I lay down with one or more of my children and we read together. Sometimes I'll read to them and sometimes they'll just thumb through stories while I lay down reading next to them. I'll usually read until they fall asleep and then sometimes I end up falling asleep too. It's arguably my most favorite moment during the day and I have Twilight to thank for that! Who knew it would have such a big impact?!

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