Big Crowds or Small Groups?

Naturally I'm not a very open person. I tend to be very guarded and very careful of what I tell others. The biggest issue I have is the ability (or inability) to trust people. Therefore, I tend to prefer small groups over big crowds.

Big Crowds

Large crowds of people cause me to feel crazy amounts of anxiety. Sometimes I'll even feel claustrophobic. Big crowds, such as those at amusement parks and large celebrations just make me feel really small and for some reason I just feel like I'm wearing some kind of neon sign - even though I don't purposely draw attention to myself. I get very agitated and irritable when I'm in big crowds of people. This makes it difficult for me to enjoy special events though I try really hard to cope as well as I can. Just easier said than done I guess. I prefer the "closeness" of small groups.

Small Groups

I find it much easier to be open to people when I'm in a small group. I don't like to share details of my life with a lot of people - I just prefer small groups of people. That way I guess I feel I kind of get to know people a bit and am more comfortable about being open about my life.

How about you? Do you prefer big crowds or small groups?

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